I wrote this psalm in March this year... it has become an anthem, a life-song, echoing in every step I take...

Praise be to God
Who has delivered my soul from religion
Praise be to the King
Who has delivered my heart from politics

For Pharisees had leavened my bread
And Herod baked his plot
Innocently I walked into the snare they had laid

Their poison flooded my mind
Their lies infected my soul
My strength failed me and my dreams died

But praise be to God who restores my hope
To the Lion of Judah who renews praise on my tongue
Herod and the Pharisees are exposed
Their agenda made plain for all to see
Their snares become like dust, their lies shrivel like autumn leaves

But I, I dwell in the Presence of The Lord
On His Throne of Grace I rest between His shoulders
Both now and forevermore.

The varied texture of worship cannot be confined to convention, formulas, methods, melodies, keys, frequencies or popular expression. Worship is as infinitely multi-faceted as our Creator... as Graham Cooke says, "Whatever God is, He is infinitely... He is love, infinitely; He is joy, infinitely..." We cannot simply reduce our knowledge of the character of God to twelve qualities we learn at a bible college... 

He is infinite in Who He is, in His expression. 

As a people, as His bride, as His body, we each, uniquely and exquisitely reflect a facet of His infiniteness.  We cannot elevate our expression above or below another's. Coming together we bear His fruit, blend our unique fragrances into a sweet perfume for His pleasure. As we honour and love and prefer one another, the worship that is released is an intoxicating wine from Love Himself.

Worship is in praise, worship is in the fast and slow, the loud and soft, the crazy and calm, the prophetic and declaration, the intimacy and intercession... worship is the heart that sees Him - and He is all in all.

I had a dream some months ago where Heidi Baker said to me, "Be free from the care of religion. When religion tells you to sing softer, sing louder; when religion tells you to go faster, go slower..." The heart is simply one that is yielded to Him, His reality, and not to religious form or dictate.

The songs I write are an expression from my heart to my King and I don't ever want to conform to popular demand so as to be acceptable, to be purchasable. He has purchased me at the price of His blood - and that is the sweetest, richest treasure.

May you encounter Him as you listen. As a believer, you are already in the encounter of Who He is. 

Enjoy Him, He's enjoying you.

- Anneline